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Ken Loach, Filmmaker

This is a heart-breaking story. Layla and Ramsis are brilliant, very engaging, open and vulnerable, great ambassadors for Palestinian rights. Layla’s journey to the West Bank, the casual, callous actions of the Israeli soldiers and the absurd rules to humiliate the Palestinians make us, the viewers, as angry as Layla herself. And meeting the family still in Gaza is, again, very moving.

Image: Anne Paq


Mike Leigh, Filmmaker

Anne Paq and Dror Dayan’s warm, moving and highly original documentary encapsulates with gentle human intelligence the ongoing crime endlessly perpetrated against ordinary decent Palestinians by the Israeli State. It is an important break-through film, and ought to be seen by a wide audience.

Image: Stuart Crawford (en:User:Potatojunkie) – en:Image:Mike_Leigh_2008.jpg (Wikipedia Deutsch)

Amira Hass, Journalist

This is a film about grief and so much more and beyond. It is about a hushed killing, hushed because Israel is responsible. And because the dead are not only Palestinians in Gaza, but also German citizens.  

Watching the film is an opportunity to participate in an act of civil disobedience against the informal, unannounced gag order, by which Israel manages to evade any punishment to its killing of civilians.

Image: Anne Paq


Roger Waters, Musician

When I watch Ramsis and Layla banging their hearts against the intransigent wall of guilt that is German official policy towards the rogue apartheid state of Israel, I find myself sharing my couch with the Elephant in the room. The Elephant in the room is care.

Come on you German Volk, care. Enough with the hand wringing and casting nervous glances over your shoulder. Care for the Kilanis.

Sophie and Hans Scholl and Christopher Probst would. The time has come to do the right thing people. Tell your government it’s time to free Palestine.


Image: Eddie Berman – Cropped from File:Roger Waters (Wikipedia Deutsch)

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