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Not Just Your Picture is the result of more than four years of hard work by a small group of people. In 2015, we started without any funding, investing our own money and time because we believed in the importance of telling the story of the Kilani family. In all we just had the help of one private donor, a modest grant from Bertha Foundation, and a co-production with Al Jazeera, which allowed us to complete the film and pay for the post-production work (sound, mixing, colour grading, etc). We completed the film with the generous help of friends and colleagues, who donated their skills without getting paid or with little compensation.

But the technical completion of  the film is just one step. We are now facing a bigger challenge – sharing our film with the widest audience possible. For this reason, we are calling upon people who want to help to support us as they can through donations.

With the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, we are now even facing even more challenges, as it is hard to estimate when festivals will resume their normal activity and when we will be able to hold screenings. We can only prepare ourselves as best as we can by preparing the materials (updating the website content in different languages, editing interviews of experts that we want to update to the website, etc) as well as applying to later festivals (autumn 2020, 2021).

All the money collected will be used for our outreach efforts which include

  1. Translation

    Translating the websites into different languages: German, Arabic, and French

  2. Festivals

    Each festival costs fees, and those add up. This is our chance to make the film known and to reach a wider and more diverse audience.

  3. Educational Materials

    Printing educational materials which can be distributed in screenings (press kits, postcards, etc)

  4. Community

    Organizing community screenings and allowing us to personally introduce the film in places in which local groups cannot afford to pay for our travelling costs themselves

All our donors will be updated via our newsletter about the progress of the film and the outreach results.

We also welcome anyone who wish to help with various skills (communication, design, translations, organising screenings in your country, proofreadings etc). If you wish to get involved, please contact us at:

Donations can be made by clicking the button
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Or, you can donate through PayPal

We greatly appreciate your help!
In solidarity, Anne and Dror

Our Twitter feed is currently unavailable but you can visit our official twitter page @NotJustYourPic1.

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