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Anne Paq

Anne Paq

Anne Paq

Director • Producer • Camera

Born in 1976, Anne Paq has been a member of the Activestills Collective since 2006. She is an award-winning freelance photographer and videographer who has lived and worked in Palestine for over a decade. Her work has been exhibited worldwide and published in various  international media outlets. Her work includes documentation of Palestinian refugees, daily life under occupation, and Palestinian popular resistance, the Israeli military offensive on Gaza (2012), subcultures and artists in Gaza, and various other topics across the West Bank and Gaza. She has co-directed the short film “Bethlehem checkpoint, 4am” (2007; 9’ ), co-produced and partly filmed the award-winning documentary “Flying Paper” (2014, 52’), and co-directed and partly filmed the short film “Return to Seifa” ( 2015, 11’)

In 2014, she documented the Israeli military operation “Protective Edge” and its aftermath in the Gaza Strip. She is the co-author of the award-winning web documentary “Obliterated Families” which tells the story of the families whose lives were shattered by the 2014 Israeli offensive.

As part of this project, the short film “Gaza: A Gaping Wound” (2016, 13’) that she co-directed was selected by multiple festivals. “Obliterated Families” won best multimedia award at the AFD photo competition (2016); and the Public Award at the Swiss Web Festival (2016). She also co-directed and partly filmed the TV-reportage “Gaza: Is this a life” (2017,15’) for ARTE reportage.

In 2017, Anne Paq won the “International Photographer of the Year” award in the documentary section for her series “Obliterated Families”.

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