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Not Just Your Picture

Kilani Family

"Not Just Your Picture"

tells the story of two young German-Palestinian siblings, Ramsis and Layla Kilani, who had their life shattered one early morning during the summer of 2014 when their father, Ibrahim, together with his second wife and their five young children, was killed by an Israeli airstrike during the attacks on Gaza. Thrusted into an accelerated process of politicization and rediscovery of their Palestinian roots, the two struggle to find justice for their family while trying to make sense of a political reality that not only allows for such atrocities to happen, but even attempts to silence any criticism of it.

“This is a heart-breaking story”
– Ken Loach, Filmmaker

The Filmmakers

Born in 1976, Anne Paq has been a member of the Activestills Collective since 2006. She is an award-winning freelance photographer and videographer who has lived and worked in Palestine for over a decade.

Born in 1981 in Jerusalem, Dror Dayan is a filmmaker, political activist and film scholar based in Berlin and Liverpool.


“I always shied away from speaking in public...After what was done to my family, and is still being done to other Palestinian families every day, I just couldn´t stand idly by anymore.”Ramsis Kilani


“Back then, I used to say I’m Arab, just to avoid conflict. But today if someone asks me I say very consciously that I’m a Palestinian, because I want to show them that I can say it and that it’s completely legitimate to be a Palestinian.”Layla Kilani


“when we heard that he (Ibrahim) earned the degree from Germany, this was worth all life's money. We are proud, even until now, of the German degree, and we're proud of the German nationality, which my brother used to have but Germany didn't care to look after my brother. When he got killed, it considered him an insignificant human being."Saleh Kilani

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